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~Home Garden Classes~


YOGA for sports


9.30-10.30 Am £8

Class style: A deep release class designed to compliment your running, cycling, riding or weight lifting routine. This class is suitable for those with a good base fitness who have a particular interest in improving their generalflexibility or managing tightness caused by pursuing a particular sport. 

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Spaces are limited, booking essential. Lots of parking available.



10.15-11.15 Am £8

Rooted in classical hatha yoga, this is an hour long morning class with a focus on balancing the mind and body through traditional yoga postures. This lesson begins with gentle stretches, challenges with engaging asana postures then moves into a short guided relaxation at the end. All taught in the comfort of my private serene garden studio. This session includes a cup of herbal tea afterwards!

Join the mailing list below to be informed about the exact location and to book into these private sessions.

Spaces are limited, booking essential. Lots of parking available.

The next Candlelight Yoga Nidra session will be held on Sunday 6th October at 7.45pm

Booking essential £6 (45mins)

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~Classical HATHA~


7.45pm Tuesdays

The Space Yoga & Healing Studio

4 Upper High Street, Thame, OX9 3ES

Class style:A yoga class routed in the Hatha tradition of Yoga, incorporating traditional postures, pranayama and relaxation into a creative session. 

You must book in before attending this class and prices are set by The Space Studio (not a part of You Glow Yoga).

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Perhaps you are looking for a very personalised yoga experience. These tailored sessions allow you to delve into particular aspects of yoga in order to meet your specific needs. This might include increasing flexibility for sport, insomnia management, confidence building, yoga for weight-loss, mindfulness and meditation amongst many more options. 1 to 1 sessions can be booked as a stand alone class or in a block. Please contact me to see how I can help you achieve your goals.

£50 per hr 


Private group Yoga sessions can be used for team building and improving staff well-being in a work place setting. Group sessions are also suitable for sports teams working towards similar goals and for friends and families who wish to practice yoga together privately.

I also offer event yoga sessions for festivals and occasions and couples yoga

Please contact me to discuss your group needs and prices.

Other Class info...

Paperwork: All students will be asked to complete a waiver and health questionnaire, as per insurance requirements before taking part in their first You Glow Yoga class. This should be the case with any qualified and insured Yoga teacher or studio. If anything changes with regards to your health after you become a student, it is important that you share it with your teacher. Any information will be strictly confidential and stored according to current data protection law. We never share your personal information with third parties.

Attire and equipment: It's really important to wear something that is comfortable and allows your body to move freely in a yoga class. It is advisable for your safety not to wear anything too baggy. The teacher needs to be able to see what you are doing so that injury risk can be minimised. Please bring along a jumper and socks for the relaxation part of your session, especially in the cooler months.

Consider investing in a yoga mat, there will be mats available to borrow if you're not sure you're ready to invest in one yet. You can purchase good quality and eco friendly mats here. A decent Yoga mat is truly an investment in yourself and your practice!